Every Day You’re Eating Wax, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and More – But You Don’t Have to!

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There have been absolutely no studies on how the combination of pesticides from different foods affects human health

We all know that eating fruits and veggies is good for you. 

What I found absolutely shocking though was all the crazy chemicals. Vital foods coated with waxes, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides. Even when you are buying organic. 

Let’s dig deeper into the problem… 

At a certain point, our society became obsessed with the perfect looking produce, and started to reject anything with mild imperfections.  Generations ago, an apple didn’t look as round and perfect as they do today, but likely contained 10x the nutrients. 

Our society also became obsessed with the high short-term yields that mono-cropping and petrochemical farming started to produce. 

We started dousing our produce in more and more chemicals to ensure that farmers would produce the highest yields and improve their profits.

Conventional farming is bad for the soil

Sadly, we now know that these cycles in industrial agriculture have incredibly damaging long-term effects on the fertility of our soil. Farmland which is now producing FAR less than it originally did — before the introduction of all of the chemicals.

Now we are at a point where we have to spray increasing amounts of petrochemical fertilizers and incredible amounts of pesticides and herbicides on fruits and veggies just to get them to grow at all.

Guess where all of these chemicals are ending up? You probably already know…on your plate, in your belly, and in your bloodstream.

Another scary thing to think about is that there have been absolutely no studies on how the combination of pesticides from different foods affects human health. There are no long-term studies on the safety of these compounds. And absolutely no studies on how these compounds react and change themselves or change in combination with one another when cooked at high temperatures.

This is another classic example of humans trying to play God and manipulate what Mother Nature has given us. It has backfired on us. We now realize we should return to a more natural and truly sustainable way of living off the land. The way it’s intended to be.

Doesn’t the government regulate this?

Isn’t the government supposed to protect us? To ensure what is sprayed on our food is safe? Oh boy do I wish this was the case. Most of these companies are self-regulating. This means the chemicals they use are safe until proven deadly. It also means nothing will be done about the situation until enough people get hurt. 

Equally disturbing is the close link between the chemical companies and the FDA. A great example is Michael Taylor, who served as a Vice President at Monsanto, then the head of the FDA, then again at Monsanto.  

Before we go too far into government corruption, that’s a whole other blog post on its own, let’s bring it back to the chemicals found in your fruits and veggies at the supermarket today.

Defend yourself

Most people believe if you just rinse your veggies with water, that’s enough…but it’s not!

Think about it… your product is being watered from rain or irrigation to grow, and farmers need chemicals to stick to your produce to remain effective, so they spray multiple coats of it and have formulations that are designed to stick to it.

Wax is even harder to get off. Sure it makes your apple shine, but why the heck would anyone want to eat that stuff?  Think about a surfer waxing their board before hitting the ocean… wax is designed to stick to what you put it to and not be rubbed off with water and friction.

As a dad, I did not want my family consuming these chemicals and waxes! 

I looked into home remedies for removing all this foreign matter from my produce, but everything I tried just didn’t work.  I knew that the fruit and veggie sprays at the store were onto something, but I couldn’t find a brand that worked at melting away the stuff my produce has been soaked in.

The non-toxic solution

We formulated a 100% plant-based, non-toxic product made with organic ingredients that are actually proven to rinse away the chemicals that are plaguing your fruits and veggies.

It washes off 99% more chemicals and wax than just tap water alone.  You can literally see all of the dirt, wax, and chemicals melting away when you use it…. So much so that you will never go without this product again.

If you have ever used other fruit and veggie sprays, you will notice that our formula is far more effective and requires far less effort to clean your fruits and veggies… again, you can literally see the difference!  Most of the other stuff on the market leaves you wondering if it’s doing anything at all. You’ll never feel like that with Truly Free.

So what’s the secret?? Simplicity and quality. Our formula is a powerful blend of the highest quality ingredients you can find, carefully crafted to ensure the most incredible results for you and your family.

fuit and vegetable wash
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Check out the ingredient list:

  • Purified Water, 
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Ethyl Alcohol
  • Organic Glycerin
  • Natural Minerals (Potassium Hydroxide)
  • Organic Grapefruit Oil

Hard to believe that something so natural could be so effective. But you won’t need to take our word for it for too long. Once you use this amazing fruit and veggie wash, you’ll never want to eat produce without it again!

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  1. I received my shipment of mgf veggie wash. I expected there to be instructions on the bottle. I know I need to spray the produce with the veggie wash. How long do I let it sit? Do I need to only rinse the spray and gunk off the produce with water or do I need to submerge in water? Are there any other tips or instructions that will be helpful to take full advantage of this product?

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