10 Ways to Repurpose Old or Ill-Fitting Clothes

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Fortunately, there are TONS of ways to give the clothes you no longer wear a new life – within your wardrobe and your home.  Just make sure to give those old clothes a good wash in your favorite non-toxic laundry detergent first and then find new ways to use them.

DIY Home Goods

1. T-Shirt Plant Hanger

We’re in love with this t-shirt plant hanger, designed by walk in loveNo sewing machine? No problem! With this simple design, all you’ll need is a t-shirt, scissors, and the ability to tie knots.

If you’d like to get a bit more intricate, check out this Macrame Plant Hanger design by ModCloth (inspired by Brit + Co).


2. T-Shirt Rug Rag

If you’re getting rid of old t-shirts (especially the ones you’ve really put through the wringer), it’s probably hard to imagine having them on display in your house instead. But with this rag rug design from the DIY Network, you can create plush, beautiful rugs out of all your old shirts! Since these rugs look so great in multicolor, it’s a great way to clear out your closet without creating waste.

3. Reusable Swiffer Pads

For those who sew, you’ve GOT to check out this tutorial by Berlin’s Whimsy for reusable Swiffer pads. Rather than use disposable (and chemical-ridden) cleaning pads, why not create your own from recycled terry cloth to use with trusted non-toxic cleaners?

No worries if you don’t sew – you can always slip a fuzzy chenille sock over the head of the Swiffer. They always seem to lose their mates anyway!

4. Throw Pillow Covers!

You can make your own throw pillow covers from pretty much anything – t-shirts, button-ups, scarves, blankets, curtains… All that’s important is that you have a large enough surface (x2) of pillow-worthy fabric. The best part is that pillows require minimal sewing expertise – just the patience to sew up all four sides. There are also no-sew options, though, if you need a pillow RIGHT NOW.

5. T-Shirt Quilt

Saving your (or your loved one’s) favorite old t-shirts and turning them into a t-shirt quilt makes for a great memento. Over the years, it has become a go-to gift for graduations, going away parties, Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts, and even commemorating a lost loved one. Although a bit more skill is involved here, the outcome is nostalgic and totally worth it.


DIY Wardrobe

6. Leggings Crop Top

If you’re looking to put a fun, trendy spin on your style, grab the nearest pair of leggings and make yourself a crop top! All it takes is leggings, scissors, a little chalk, a flat surface, and a needle and thread… and you’ve got yourself a new shirt to hit the town in!

7. No-Sew Shirt Dress

An oversized shirt doesn’t have to be frumpy. Metromela’s simple shirtdress takes seconds and looks adorable. No needle and thread required!

There’s a t-shirt version, too… and it’s so cute that the person you stole the shirt from can’t even get mad.

8. T-Shirt Necklace

It’s insane how easy these t-shirt necklaces are to make! You can make them from pretty much any old shirt you have, and even mix colors to create different designs.

There are lots of different versions of this one on Pinterest. Get creative with it… Add beads, put your macrame skills to the test, or even incorporate some fringe!

9. Pajama Pants Scarf

If your favorite pair of flannel PJ pants finally gave into the hole in the ankle, there’s never been a better time to make yourself a warm and cozy scarf!

The best part is, it’ll already have that comfortable worn-in feel. It doesn’t get any better than that. Except maybe if you also had hot chocolate. That’d be the best.

10. T-Shirt Shopping Bag

Plastic grocery store bags can create a lot of waste. So why not take the green route and turn your old t-shirts into breathable, reusable shopping bags?

The stretchy cotton fabric is stronger and more flexible than plastic. So no more grocery bag blowouts!

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  1. When donating used clothing, many organizations will accept torn and stained clothing bc they are able to sell it by the pound to rag makers. Be sure to ask when you are donating clothing before throwing away torn or stained items!

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