Why Strip Your Laundry? It’s MUCH Dirtier Than It Seems

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“My Husband Was SHOCKED When I Showed Him”

Alright, folks, today we’re getting down and dirty, literally. It’s time to talk about stripping… 

Laundry stripping! And nope, it doesn’t involve feather boas or dance poles.

We’re talking about a deep cleaning ‘dance’ for fabrics you should do every couple of months to bring dingy, lifeless clothes and linens back to life.

What Is ‘Laundry Stripping?

Simply put, laundry stripping is the process of removing excess stains, odors, and chemical residues left behind by hard water, cleaning chemicals, and body oils.

Get this – these uninvited guests make up 30% of your clothing weight. It’s like carrying around invisible dirt backpacks!

Even if you’ve been using eco-friendly brands, sometimes your clothes need a good strip down to eliminate any lingering grime. 

But here’s the deal, laundry stripping isn’t just about getting rid of the ickies. 

It’s like a full-on spa retreat for your clothes. Your stiff towels? They’ll feel like they’re fresh off the store shelf. 

Those workout shirts that still smell a little “off” after washing? They’ll smell as fresh as if they’ve never seen the inside of a gym.

Laundry Stripping Essentials:

What you’ll need:

🟢 1 Capful TrulyFree Laundry Wash

🟢 3 Scoops TrulyFree Enzyme Stain Remover Powder

🟢 ½ Cup Distilled Vinegar

🟢 3 Tablespoons Borax Powder

🟢 3 Tablespoons Washing Soda

🟢 HOT water

🟢 Clean or Dirty Laundry


✔️ Fill sink/tub with HOT water

✔️ Add Laundry Wash, Enzyme Stain Remover Powder, Vinegar, Borax &  Washing Soda and swish water to mix.

✔️ Place clothes/linens into the solution to soak

✔️ Allow to soak at least 4 hours or even overnight

✔️ Remove clothes/linens and place in your washing machine for a regular wash cycle, using your TrulyFree Laundry Wash.

✔️ Dry in the dryer or hang dry.

Enjoy Toxin Free, Stain Free, Odor Free, and Softer Laundry!

The Big Reveal:

Prepare to be amazed! After soaking, the water will have turned a disgusting shade, showing just how much residue and grime was hiding in your “clean” clothes. 

This murky water holds all the buildup and residue that you’ve been wearing every day that’s not good for you or your clothes.

The good news is… your clothes will soon look brighter and whiter than ever before!

The Bottom Line:

Laundry stripping is an incredible way to deep clean your clothes and make them truly fresh. My husband was shocked how much cleaner and fresher his clothes became. Give it a try and I think you’ll be amazed at the results, too!


 You have removed toxic buildup, old stains, and recharged your laundry all with one recipe!  AND you did it without deadly chemicals!

Got laundry? Got things to clean? If you have stains, we have answers!  Check out the rest of our blog for more tips and tricks!

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