You Should NEVER Use Dryer Sheets and Use These Instead

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Ever wonder how that tiny little dryer sheet can get your clothes to smell so nice? Plus remove static cling and make you feel like your clothes feel silky and smooth?

I am about to share some extremely inconvenient truths. I’m talking about how toxic and evil those tiny little dryer sheets really are. Not only to your health but also to this planet.

Dryer sheets have exploded in popularity in the last couple of decades and have taken the industry by storm. They are extremely effective at removing static and giving clothes a soft and smooth feeling. However, they also leave fragrances and optical brighteners on your fabrics.

I promise you it is not magic that that happens. There is an arsenal of extraordinarily toxic chemicals laden into those little fabric squares that actually make that happen. 

Common chemicals you might find in Dryer Sheets

  • Dipalmethyl Hydroxyethylammoinum Methosulfate. I’d tell you what that is, but there is actually NO available public information on this chemical compound….I repeat, these companies have not disclosed what this ingredient is. Most major dryer sheets contain this chemical as a softener. But they do not disclose anything about it other than it is “generally regarded as safe.” These companies do their own safety testing, by the way, to determine what is safe, and none of that testing is long-term or validated with humans. 
  • Alpha Terpineol. Can cause central nervous system damage, reduced spontaneous motor activity, and respiratory issues 
  • Chloroform, Benzyl Acetate & Dichlorobenzene. These are well-known carcinogens and public enemies in the chemical industry.

So many people were getting sick that thankfully some chemical reform has happened in this industry. Although many still contain the ingredients I just listed. For years the leading dryer sheet had 14 documented carcinogens embedded within those tiny little pieces.

The truth about static cling

Here’s the funny thing… Static cling was not a “problem” until people were told that it was. Chemical manufacturers created an artificial need for products that reduced static (I guess because it’s less annoying) over decades with marketing. To solve this fake problem, they started to manufacture dryer sheets filled with silicon distillate. 

Silicon products like this are designed to absorb and mitigate static cling. But they do so by leaving a film on your fabrics. 

If you use dryer sheets, fabric softener, or conventional detergent which contains these silicon products, you’ll know that when you get out of the shower and grab a clean towel it almost feels like the towel is slimy. Even though it’s totally dry and just came out of your linen closet. 

The reason it slides off your body is due to the “softening” ingredients. Toxic chemical compounds that literally only exist to trick you into thinking that your clothes are softer.

Picture Teflon on top of a cooking pan and how the egg just slides right off. Dryer sheets (and fabric softener) are designed to leave that type of a sheen on your fabrics so that when you touch them, they feel really soft. 

The next time you feel this “softness” on your clothes, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s soft and safe. Make no mistake, this is manufactured comfort and is highly toxic to you and your loved ones.

Commercial dryer sheets are also designed to leave toxic perfumes on your clothes. This is to trick your nose into believing that your clothes are actually cleaner than they really are. 

Other harmful ingredients on dryer sheets

“Fragrance” is listed as an ingredient on all of the leading brands. That word is code for any one of hundreds of known chemical compounds that create synthetic fragrances. Synthetic Fragrance compounds are being hailed as the new second-hand smoke. When inhaled they can make you physically ill and may be highly cytotoxic and carcinogenic.

In some cases, dryer sheets also contain ultraviolet light brighteners. Under ultraviolet lights (artificial lighting) those brighteners make your clothes appear brighter. In reality, it’s just an optical illusion.

In the eco & green space, very few companies have attempted to even try and manufacture a plant-based or nontoxic dryer sheet. That’s because it’s virtually impossible to compete with chemical solutions.  This is really sad because these products contain dangerous petrochemicals and highly synthesized chemicals. Not only that, there is very little human research on the downstream effect on people.

Now as well, because these silicons coat and are designed to coat fabrics, they also coat your lint.  That lint goes through your machines and it actually adheres into the dryer vent that goes outside your house.

These dryer sheets and fabric softeners with their silicon chemicals that are chemically engineered to leave a film on your clothes? They leave an extraordinarily flammable film on your lint that builds up over time. Just a small little spark or a little bit of excess heat can cause house fires. All as a result of this toxic plume that is living inside your dryer. 

So sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news. But I had to bring forth the truth about why and how these products are designed to work.

Commercial dryer sheets are very eco-UN-friendly

The last part that you should absolutely detest about these toxic death sheets? They are all single-use, non-recyclable, and about the farthest thing possible from biodegradable. Every single dryer sheet you use ends up in the landfill. Where it likely takes centuries to decompose. In the process of breaking down, it leeches all of these despicable chemicals into the surrounding environment.

There is nothing good about dryer sheets….please do the world and your family a favor and stop using them!

There is a better solution

I made a decision years ago to do something about this problem. I wanted to give people a choice that was healthy and planet-friendly. 

Our laundry detergent products don’t leave a huge toxic fragrance bomb or use harsh chemicals softeners. But our consumers still wanted to have their clothes smell nicer and be softer. 

So we invented Dryer Angels. 

Find out more about dryer angels here

Dryer Angels is a fully reusable product with a body in the shape of an angel.  You insert a refill pouch packed with corn cob material and is just beautifully scented with essential oils.

You put your Angel right into the dryer like you would one of those evil dryer sheets. It still fluffs up your clothes nicely and leaves an amazing smell of essential oils and plant-based oils. Not some toxic science experiment.  One refill lasts for 30 loads and is fully biodegradable when done!

Something EVEN MORE AMAZING about these beautiful Dryer Angels. They’re made with hands of love by two ministries around the world. One that empowers deaf women in Jamaica. The other helps women in Southeast Asia out of sex trafficking.  We are giving women sustainable jobs to support themselves and their communities and lift themselves out of slavery and poverty.

Your purchase goes a long way to bettering the lives of these women and their communities.

Now that you are armed with this information and know that there is a better way, we know you’ll make the right choice and add Dryer Angels to your Truly Free box today!

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  1. I read you also recommended put a aluminum foil ball in the dryer to reduce static, wouldn’t that be a fire hazard?

  2. I ordered product, took my money out of my account on 4/7/20. I emailed you, no reply. Today, 4/20, on hold, then no option available but to leave a message. Thought I would get a customer service rep, NOPE! Im in Illinois, wheres my product? How can anyone do business with a company like this???

  3. Is this angel better than dryer balls? Dryer balls can be used forever and this is 30 loads, I mean wool or norwex dryer balls, not the plastic ones. thank you

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